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Spinal problems can cause chronic or severe back pain that doesn’t respond to other kinds of treatments. Epidural injections and nerve blocks can relieve this type of pain. At Arizona Pain Consultants, located in Goodyear, Arizona, Dr. Adebayo offers epidural injections and nerve blocks for suitable candidates.

Epidural Injections and Nerve Block Q & A

What is an epidural injection?

An epidural injection refers to an injection of medicine administered in the spinal area in order to ease pain and inflammation. This type of treatment offers a nonsurgical alternative for those who suffer from chronic back pain. These injections are administered in the epidural part of the spine, which is located between the nerve roots and the spinal canal’s surface.

What is a nerve block?

A nerve block refers to medicated injections that are given in order to relieve pain in certain areas. Epidural injections are one type of nerve block. Others include trigeminal nerve blocks for the face, subarachnoid blocks for the abdomen and pelvis, and brachial plexus blocks for the shoulders and arms. The medications used in these injections numb the nerves in the area, leading to pain relief.

What are epidural injections and nerve blocks used for?

Epidural injections and other nerve blocks are used for relieving pain associated with conditions that cause ongoing or severe pain, such as spinal stenosis or herniated discs. They have local anesthetics in them that ease pain for a certain period of time. Nerve blocks are also used for diagnostic purposes that help determine where pain originates.

Are epidural injections and nerve blocks safe?

Epidural injections and nerve blocks are generally considered safe for many patients. However, those with underlying conditions, such as diabetes or bleeding disorders, should discuss the potential risks before having these done. There are some side effects associated with epidural injections and nerve blocks, such as elevated blood glucose levels, bleeding, and soreness where the injections are given. Other side effects include itching and rash.

Are epidural injections and nerve blocks effective?

Epidural injections and nerve blocks are considered an effective form of pain relief for those who have pain and other symptoms that don’t respond to other forms of treatment, such as medications and physical therapy. This type of treatment typically produces results that are noticeable right away or shortly after injections are administered. This type of pain relief lasts for a certain amount of time rather than providing long-term relief.

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