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Spinal fractures can cause serious pain or ongoing pain that interferes with the ability to do daily activities or perform basic movements, such as walking. Kyphoplasty offers a surgical solution to ease the pain associated with these fractures. At Arizona Pain Consultants, located in Goodyear, Arizona, Dr. Adebayo provides kyphoplasty surgery for patients with persistent pain linked to spinal fractures.

Kyphoplasty Q & A

What is kyphoplasty surgery?

Kyphoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure that helps make the affected bone stable and restores the height of the fractured bone. This type of treatment is done for compression fractures in the spine, which are fractures that can lead to a considerable amount of pain or pain that doesn’t improve with conventional forms of treatment. This is a surgical treatment method that offers an alternative solution when nonsurgical treatment methods have been ineffective at easing pain from spinal fractures.

How is kyphoplasty done?

Kyphoplasty surgery involves making a tiny incision in the back and inserting a narrow tube into this opening. Spinal surgeons use X-ray images to move a balloon through the narrow tube and place it in the damaged spinal bones or vertebra. This balloon is inflated when it’s inside the vertebra, which raises the fracture and helps move the affected bone pieces back into their usual position. This balloon also helps form a cavity in the spinal bones. The balloon is then taken out and a material that resembles cement is injected into this space, which stabilizes the spinal bone.

What are the risks of kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is associated with some risks, as all surgical procedures are. These include nerve damage, nerve injuries, and allergic reactions. Other risks include having a reaction to the anesthesia used before the procedure and developing an infection at the surgical site afterwards.

Am I a good candidate for kyphoplasty?

Patients who have spinal fractures due to osteoporosis or another condition might be considered good candidates for kyphoplasty if they have severe pain or deformities in the spine due to compression fractures. For best results, patients should have kyphoplasty done no later than 8 weeks after having a spinal fracture. Dr. Adebayo helps patients determine if kyphoplasty is a suitable solution for them based on factors such as whether or not they have any underlying conditions that could make this procedure too much of a risk.

What is the recovery process like after kyphoplasty?

Those who have kyphoplasty done should begin to feel relief from pain right away. Patients can typically resume their usual activities, but they shouldn’t do heavy lifting or perform any other strenuous activities for about 6 weeks. Those who have fractures due to osteoporosis should also manage this condition in order to lower the risk of additional fractures.

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